Submental liposuction

Submental liposuction is a procedure that permanently removes fatty tissue from areas that include the upper portion of the neck, the jowls or cheeks, and under the chin, sculpting and defining these areas. Also commonly referred to as facial liposuction, submental liposuction is a very popular and effective means of reducing body fat in these areas, since they tend to be resistant to reduction via diet and exercise.

About Submental Liposuction

Submental Liposuction is an outpatient procedure. To access the subcutaneous fat that you would like to remove, Dr. Arroyo will make tiny, discreet incisions in the face or neck, less than ½ inch in length. Then, a tiny cannula, specially designed for facial liposuction, will be inserted into each incision. Attached to a suction machine, the cannula will be manipulated beneath the skin to suction away excess fat, sculpting the treatment area, a process that may take an hour or longer.

Patients can expect to have some pain after surgery, which is addressed with pain medication. Generally, patients are able to switch to mild, over-the-counter medications within 24 to 28 hours. Some patients may experience burning, tingling or numbness at incision sites, symptoms that are nearly always temporary. Most patients are able to return to normal activities a week after surgery, and scars, in most cases, are not obvious after healing is complete, becoming pale, soft and flat over time.

It is important to note that there is a limit to the amount of fat that can be safely removed in one session, so submental liposuction, as with any form of liposuction, should not be considered a treatment for obesity. Submental liposuction removes fat from a treatment area permanently, so if there is weight gain after surgery, body fat will accumulate in areas that have not been treated. Significant weight gain in surrounding areas can, in some cases, cause a rippling affect in treated areas, depending upon the level of skin elasticity.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Submental Liposuction?

Submental liposuction is best suited to patients with good skin tone and elasticity who have fatty deposits in the cheeks (jowls) chin and/or neck. This allows the skin to rebound nicely once the underlying fat is removed for optimal sculpting results. Results can also be influenced by physical condition, some health issues and lifestyle factors, such as diet, exercise, smoking and alcohol use, among other factors. Dr. Arroyo will be able to tell you whether you are a good candidate for this procedure, as well as what you can expect in terms of results from submental liposuction, after you have been seen for a thorough examination.

Submental liposuction

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